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Nobel Laureates


Gary Borisy Former MBL President and Director Gary Borisy Receives 2011 E.B. Wilson Award - The 2011 medal was awarded by the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) at their December meeting.

image New Imaging Technique Developed at MBL Illuminates The Structure of Dental Plaque - With a new imaging technique developed at the MBL, up to 120 different kinds of bacteria in human dental plaque can be detected in a single field of view.

Ron Vale iBioSeminars Feature MBL Research - MBL Whitman Center researcher Ron Vale spent much of the summer of 2011 directing his colleagues in a series of videos.

crab Census of “Hard to See” Marine Life Nears Culmination - The CoML involves more than 2,000 scientists from 80-plus nations.

An Arctic with Fire - Wildfires are transforming the Alaskan tundra—and may be an accelerant to climate change

Discover the Microbes Within! - The Wolbachia Project is designed for high school biology educators in an effort to modernize biology labs and lesson plans with discovery-based labs, biotechnology, and symbiosis.

Sheldon Segal Remembering Sheldon Segal - Contraception Pioneer, Former MBL Board Chair Sheldon Segal Dies at 83

jackson A Natural Product Gives Hope for Slowing Prostate Cancer - MBL Visiting Researcher Kimberly Jackson studies how a compound from licorice root works in prostate cancer cells

Nagwa Mohammady Perfecting Algal Biodiesel - MBL visiting researcher Nagwa Mohammady searches for the best way to grow algae for fuel.

From Phytoplankton to Penguins - Climate change is altering food web from the bottom up in western Antarctica

Database for New Tropical-Disease Drugs is a Hit - World Health Organization has organized an international consortium to create an open-access database on tropical disease pathogens and candidate drugs to treat them.

The Power of Self-Healing - MBL Visiting Researcher Explores Wound Repair in the Comb Jelly

Do Early-Life Seizures Have Lasting Effects? - Joaquin Lugo studies whether seizures during early zebrafish development have long-term neurological consequences.

taxatoy MBLWHOI Library Develops Taxonomy Toy - Cathy Norton may be on to something: Bioinformatics toys for scientists.

fly Fly Research Takes Off With High-Speed Video - Grass Fellow Gwyneth Card is interested in modeling the neurobiology of fly take-off.

honeybee Second Sight - Grass Fellow shines (polarized) light on honeybee controversy.

galford Science as a Calling - Finding community, in many ways, in the Brown-MBL graduate program

From Think Tank to Fish Tank - MBL hosts international experts at aquaculture symposium.

green algae The Evolutionary Secrets of Desert Cells - An MBL ecologist explores green algae’s ability to survive and thrive in the desert.

Masters of Disguise Masters of Disguise - MBL Senior Scientist Roger Hanlon's cephalopod research has produced amazing insights into the behavior of these remarkable creatures.

red beard sponge Medical Usefulness of the Sponge - Marine animal offers insights into the basics of immunity.

zebrafish A Cancer Prevention Clue - Zebrafish excel at repairing their own DNA.

blackbird Bye, Bye Blackbird? - Study suggests link between urban sprawl and abundance of North American breeding birds.

suni Science in Orbit - Astronaut Suni Williams leverages her MBL training in space.

carson Rachel Carson at the MBL - Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, spent six summer weeks in 1929 at the MBL as a beginning investigator in zoology.

albertini No Time for Silence - Scientists, journalists discuss the emerging story on environmental estrogens.

ivy Not Just Global Warming - MBL scientist finds carbon dioxide makes poison ivy worse.

nano spring Fasten Your (Nano) Seatbelts! - A Centrifuge Polarizing Microscope (CPM) invented by MBL scientist Shinya Inoué, recently enabled biological engineer Danielle Cook France to study a powerful biological engine.

Jeff Walker West Falmouth Harbor is Outdoor Classroom for MBL Environmental Science Student - Cornell senior and SES student Jeffrey Walker is studying nitrogen pollution in West Falmouth Harbor.

Hermissenda New MBL Study Shows Cancer Drug May Have Future in Alzheimer's Treatment - Marine Snail Plays Key Role in Discovery.

larry rome MBL Scientist Invents Backpack that Uses Muscle Power to Generate Electricity - Whitman Investigator Larry Rome has invented a backpack that gives new meaning to the term muscle power.

red beard sponge Simple Sea Sponge Helps Scientists Understand Tissue Rejection - MBL researcher Xavier Fernàndez-Busquets studies why some transplant patients reject their new organs.

Helping Opiate-Addicted Babies Helping Opiate-Addicted Babies - MBL summer researcher Dr. Kimberlei Richardson is currently working to help solve the problem of babies born with opiate addiction.

Extreme Science Extreme Science - Scientists at the Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution are finding life in strange places.

Teachers Workshop MBL Reaches Out to the Community: Teachers Discover the Microbial World Within at MBL Workshop.

Masters of Disguise Masters of Disguise - New research shows in the animal world, it pays to be an imposter.

Avram Hershko Avram Hershko Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry - MBL Investigator to receive science's highest honor for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation.

COHH Center for Oceans and Human Health Established - New Center studying how oceanic processes such as algal blooms affect human health.

Clam Mini Genome Project Clam Mini Genome Project - International team of MBL Scientists sequencing active genes of the surf clam.

Evolutionary Exception An Evolutionary Exception Confirmed - Ancient micro-invertebrate thrives and evolves without sex.

Swamp Sparrow 'Vocal Learners' make noise at MBL - Songbirds a preferred model to study speech acquisition and development.
Horseshoe Crab Looking for Life on Mars - The blood of the primitive horseshoe crab may help NASA in the search for life on other planets.
Microscope Image Advances in Microscopy Propel Scientists' Understanding of Cell Division - MBL is a gathering place for the world's best and brightest in microscopy and neuroimaging.
Ant Living and Evolving Together - Bay Paul Center scientists explore complex partnerships of insects and their bacteria.
Trypanosomes Marine Biological Laboratory Establishes Program in Global Infectious Diseases - Stephen Hajduk, leading parasitologist, appointed director.
Arctic Ocean New Study Reveals Increased River Discharge to Arctic Ocean - Finding could mean big changes to global climate.
Squid Eye Squid Giant Axon Provides Clues to Nerve Cell Repair - Understanding how damaged cells heal may lead to treatment for spinal cord injuries and diseases of the nervous system.

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