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12/20/06 New Backpack Lightens the Load: Invention could have important applications for schoolchildren, emergency workers

12/07/06 West Falmouth Harbor Water Quality, Cranberry Bog Restoration Among Topics to be Addressed at MBL Student Research Symposium

11/22/06 National Library of Medicine Director to Explore Sources of Health Information for Public at December 1 Falmouth Forum

11/20/06 Sea Urchin Genome Uncovers Remarkable Connection to Man

11/13/06 Anonymous Donor Pledges Challenge Grant for Falmouth Forum
11/03/06 Public Invited to MBL Associates Coffee and Conversation, November 9

10/27/06 International Conference on Tularemia to Be Held in Woods Hole

10/26/06 MBL Scientists Receive Fulbright Fellowships, Will Study Effects of Amazon Deforestation

10/23/06 Researchers Find “ZIP Code” Spurs Cargo Transport in Neurons

10/20/06 America's Best and Brightest Neurosurgeons to Gather at the MBL
10/17/06 Jay Allison, Award-Winning Radio Producer to Discuss the Power of Shared Story at November 17 Falmouth Forum at the MBL

10/12/06 Biology as Art Topic of November 2 Lecture at Cape Cod Museum of Art

10/05/06 MBL Scientist Awarded Fellowship to Study Helpful Bacteria

09/28/06 Sea Urchin Scientists Convene in Woods Hole
09/20/06 Squid Skin Reveals Hidden Messages: MBL scientists find anatomical evidence for a hidden communication channel that remains masked during camouflage

09/20/06 Lecture on Hurricane Katrina’s Lessons for Cape Cod Will Kick Off 2006-2007 MBL Falmouth Forum Season

09/18/06 MBL Scientists to Present Results of Long-Term Ecological Research at National Science Foundation Meeting

09/14/06 Parasite Experts Gather in Woods Hole To Share Discoveries that Could Help Cure Parasitic Diseases

09/13/06 Bank of America Charitable Foundation Sponsors 2006-2007 Falmouth Forum Season at the MBL

08/24/06 Study Provides First-Ever Look at Combined Causes of North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean Freshening

08/07/06 MBL Scientist and Falmouth Resident Linda Deegan to Discuss the Effects of Rainforest Clearing on the Amazon Biodiversity at August 11 Friday Evening Lecture

08/04/06 August 2006 LabBits: Diabetes meets nanotechnology; The quest for synthetic blood; Mom, where do stem cells come from?; The hidden dangers of food preservatives; Common ground for nerves, eggs, and flu

08/01/06 Ocean Microbe Census Discovers Diverse World of Rare Bacteria

07/24/06 MBL Receives $1.5 Million from the W.M. Keck Foundation to Support Major Study of Microscopic Populations in the World’s Oceans

07/19/06 The Genetics of Rett Syndrome Topic of July 21 MBL Friday Evening Lecture

07/18/06 MBL Scientists Go the Distance to Study Global Warming in Northern Alaska

06/21/06 Neural Development, Learning, and Memory Topic of MBL Friday Evening Lecture

06/20/06 Not Just Global Warming: MBL Scientist Finds Carbon Dioxide Makes Poison Ivy Worse

06/19/06 New “Hot Spot” for Wireless Internet in Woods Hole


MBL Scientists Find Evidence of RNA in Organelle Essential to Cell Division—Surf clam egg study may change thinking about centrosomes

06/05/06 Whale Trail Art Exhibit Comes to Woods Hole; Proceeds to Benefit Woods Hole Science Aquarium

05/30/06 MBL Board of Trustees Appoints New Director and Chairman of the Board;
New Chair Makes $5 Million Capacity-Building Gift to MBL

05/24/06 Noted Science Author and Journalist Carl Zimmer to Speak about Human Evolution, June 9 at the MBL

05/22/06 MBLWHOI Library Director Catherine Norton Elected to Information Technology Society

05/19/06 Viral Hitchhiker Inhibits Wolbachia Bacteria's Ability to Proliferate

05/18/06 MBL Scientist's Image Captures Fourth Prize in Olympus Photo Competition

05/11/06 Twelve Science Journalists Awarded Fellowships to Study at the MBL

05/05/06 MBL Corporation Member John Saunders Elected to National Academy of Science

05/04/06 The Secret Lives of Sea Slugs

05/02/06 New Method Confirms Importance of Fungi in Arctic Nitrogen Cycle

04/21/06 MBL Trustees Elect New Members
04/18/06 MBL Scientists confirm that while cuttlefish change appearance based on visual cues, they are completely colorblind

Science Fact or Fiction? MBL Associates Sponsor Event for Families, April 18

03/24/06 Eugene and Millicent Bell Establish Endowed Fellowship in Tissue Engineering at the MBL
03/21/06 Government Corruption Topic of Falmouth Forum Lecture, April 7

03/14/06 The Story of the Buddha Topic of March 17 Falmouth Forum

02/23/06 Public Invited to Charity and Volunteer Fair at MBL Thursday, March 9

02/22/06 Public Invited to MBL Associates Coffee and Conversation, March 6; Linda Amaral Zettler to discuss Spain’s “River of Fire”

02/16/06 Harvard Ecologist and Author to Present Falmouth Forum Lecture, March 3

02/08/06 New Sonar Method Offers Way to Assess Health of Squid Fisheries

01/10/06 MBL Leads Effort to Update E. coli Genome, Project Aims to Consolidate Information, Coordinate Efforts

01/04/06 MBL Associates Invite Public to Coffee and Conversation, January 18; David Remsen to discuss uBio program

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