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12/21/09 Bestselling Author Nathaniel Philbrick to Discuss Upcoming Book on Battle of Little Bighorn at MBL Falmouth Forum

12/21/09 MBL Scientist Helps Discover Deep-Ocean Volcano, Finds Thriving Population of Extreme Microbes

12/10/09 MBL Helps Launch Offshore Mussel Farms

12/10/09 Woods Hole Consortium Scientists Engaged in U.N. Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen

12/10/09 Brown-MBL Graduate Students Receive Ph.D. as Program Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

11/30/09 From the Front Lines of Climate Change: MBL Logan Science Journalism Fellows Report from Antarctica

11/24/09 Lieutenant Governor Murray Joins Marine Biological Laboratory for Announcement of Federal Stimulus Funding in Life Sciences

11/11/09 “Voice of Fenway” Carl Beane to Speak about Athletes as Role Models at December 4 MBL Falmouth Forum

10/29/09 Marine Biological Laboratory Recycles Laboratory Furnishings by Donating to National Marine Life Center

10/29/09 MBL Plays Key Role in National Initiative To Develop a Scientific Basis for Stewardship of our Oceans and Coasts

10/22/09 Climate Scientists Uncover Major Accounting Flaw in Kyoto Protocol and Other Climate Legislation

10/22/09 New Study Predicts Future Consequences of a Global Biofuels Program

10/22/09 Smithsonian Author to Speak about Our Connection to the Sea at November 6 MBL Falmouth Forum

10/13/09 Three of the 2009 Nobel Prize Laureates Have Ties to the MBL

09/23/09 Renowned Paleontologist Neil Shubin to Discuss Missing Link Between Ancient Fish and Humans at MBL Falmouth Forum Kickoff, October 9

09/21/09 Massachustts Life Sciences Center and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Join Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) for Loeb Laboratory Goundbraking Ceremony

08/27/09 August 2009 LabBits: Science Highlights from the MBL

08/19/09 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Scientists Receive Fellowship for Summer Research at the Marine Biological Laboratory

08/05/09 Ecologist Dr. Paul Colinvaux to Discuss Latest Book at MBLWHOI Library Summer Salon Series, August 12

08/03/09 Elegant Gene Networks that Control Early Development to be Explored at MBL Friday Evening Lecture, August 7

08/03/09 2008 Nobel Laureate Martin Chalfie to Speak on Touch Sensitivity (and Green-Glowing Worms) at the MBL Friday Evening Lecture, August 14

08/04/09 Marine Biological Laboratory Partner in Proposed Algae-to-Biofuels Pilot Facility on Cape Cod

07/30/09 Nobel Laureate David Baltimore to Speak at the MBL on Discoveries in Immunology Research

07/29/09 “Rum Soaked Crooks” to Perform MBL Songs at MBLWHOI Event, August 5

07/24/09 World-Renowned Researcher to Discuss ‘Good News About Autism’ at MBL Friday Evening Lecture, July 31

07/14/09 Tokyo String Quartet to be Featured at Marine Biological Laboratory Gala, August 9

07/08/09 Understanding Pain Through the Power of Folk Medicine and Natural Products Topic of MBL Friday Evening Lecture, July 17

07/08/09 Gadget Guru David Pogue to Present Special Summer Falmouth Forum Lecture at the MBL, July 22

07/07/09 Dr. Gerald Weissmann to Discuss 1860 Oxford Evolution Debate at MBLWHOI Library Talk, July 15

07/07/09 MBL Partners with RTDC to Commercialize Scientific Opportunities

07/01/09 Genomics of Animal Origins and Diversity To Be Discussed at MBL Friday Evening Lecture, July 10

06/23/09 WHOI Director Susan Avery to Speak about Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Resources at MBL Friday Evening Lecture, July 3

06/18/09 The Parasite Behind Common STD Topic of MBL Friday Evening Lecture, June 26 - Patricia J. Johnson, professor at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

06/16/09 New Comprehensive Climate Report Provides Authoritative Assessment of Climate Change on the U.S. - MBL Scientist Jerry Melillo Leads Project

06/05/09 Pioneering Neuroscientist to Discuss Brain Circuits as MBL Friday Evening Lecture Series Kicks Off, June 19

05/22/09 MBL Awards Journalism Fellowships

05/21/09 Back to Basics: Scientists Discover a Fundamental Mechanism for Cell Organization

05/20/09 Scientists Link Influenza A (H1N1) Susceptibility to Common Levels of Arsenic Exposure

05/07/09 “Singing His Praises: Darwin in Song and Musical Production Takes the Stage at the MBL on May 22

05/04/09 A Bridge Between Land and Sea

04/28/09 MBL Director and CEO and Cell Biology Pioneer Gary Borisy Elected to National Academy of Sciences

04/08/09 Penguins, Antarctica, and Climate Change Focus of Free School Vacation Week Event at the MBL

04/02/09 Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Woods Hole Research Center Create New “Woods Hole Consortium”

03/26/09 Tiny But Toxic

03/12/09 From Phytoplankton to Penguins: Climate Change is Altering Food Web from Bottom Up in Western Antarctica

02/11/09 Woods Hole Organizations Celebrate Black History Month: Free lectures and a multicultural potlock are scheduled

02/02/09 Marine Biological Laboratory Trustees Elect New Members

01/26/09 Free Falmouth Forum Lecture January 30: Award-winning professor and literary critic discusses men, misogyny, and literature

01/15/09 Now You See it, Now You Don’t: MBL Scientists Unraveling the Mystery of Camouflage

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