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For Immediate Release: April 28, 2008
Contact: Gina Hebert, 508-289-7725, ghebert@mbl.edu

John Hobbie

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John E. Hobbie, other MBL Scientists Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

MBL, WOODS HOLE, MA The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies, today announced its 2008 Class of Fellows, including John E. Hobbie, Distinguished Scientist and Senior Research Scholar at Marine Biological Laboratory’s (MBL) Ecosystems Center. Also among this year’s fellows are four MBL alumni and ten MBL course faculty, including Timothy J. Mitchison of Harvard Medical School, co-director of the MBL’s Physiology course; and Michael Dickinson of California Institute of Technology, present instructor and former co-director of the MBL’s Neural Systems & Behavior course...More>>>

John Hobbie

Tim Mitchison

Tim Mitchison

Michael Dickinson

Michael Dickinson


Additional MBL alumni and course faculty among this year’s fellows and foreign honorary members:


Utpal Banerjee, Alumna, Neurobiology (1984)
Department Chair and Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology; Professor of Biological Chemistry University of California, Los Angeles; Professor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Mary Catherine Beckerle, Alumna, Physiology (1980);
Faculty Member, Physiology (1985, 1986)
Ralph E. and Willia T. Main Presidential Endowed Chair in Cancer Research; Executive Director, Huntsman Cancer Institute; Professor, Department of Biology, University of Utah

Allison Jane Doupe, Faculty Member, Computational Neuroscience (1998-2000)
Professor of Psychiatry and Physiology, University of California, San Francisco

Lawrence Steven Goldstein, Faculty Member, Physiology (1985, 1986)
Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine: Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Philip C. Hanawalt, Faculty Member, Molecular Biology of Aging (2000, 2001)
Howard H. and Jessie T. Watkins University Professor of Biology, Stanford University

Stephen G. Lisberger, Faculty Member, Neural Systems and Behavior (1991)
Professor of Physiology, University of California, San Francisco; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

David C. Queller, Alumnus, Molecular Evolution (2004)
Harry C. and Olga K. Wiess Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice University

Wilfrid Rall, Faculty Member, Neurobiology (1980)
Scientist Emeritus, National Institutes of Health

Foreign Honorary Members:

Nikos K. Logothetis, Faculty Member, Computational Neuroscience (2004)
Director, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany

Haim Sompolinsky, Faculty Member, Computational Neuroscience (1997-2007)
Professor of Physics, Hebrew University, Israel