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For Immediate Release: December 2, 2011
Susan Joslin, (508) 289-7281; sjoslin@mbl.edu

MBL Falmouth Forum on Cape Cod maritime history this Friday, December 2

David Nordlander

WOODS HOLE, MA—David J. Nordlander, of the Library of Congress, will talk about"Cape Cod Maritime History: First American Globalization" at 7:30 PM this Friday, Feb. 3rd in the MBL's Lillie Auditorium.

Dr. Nordlander is an historian who specializes on the history of the North Pacific region, encompassing both Siberia and Alaska as well as neighboring parts of Asia and North America. Dr. Nordlander has worked most recently as an historian with the Library of Congress on a major Web project, the “Meeting of Frontiers”, which has placed almost one million items on the Web relating to the history and cultures of the North Pacific region where Russia and the U.S. meet in the Bering Strait. He has many publications and has presented papers at a variety of conferences. Dr. Nordlander has also been a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University in the Davis Center for Russian Studies.

The remaining Falmouth Forums of the 2011-2012 season are listed below. Visit the Falmouth Forum web page for details.

February 3:
"Latin America: Democracy and Its Discontents" - Joseph Tulchin, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University - 7:30 PM, Lawrence School, Falmouth

March 9:
"The Arab Spring One Year After" - Ambassador Robert Pelletreau, former Ambassador to Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain - 7:30 PM, Lawrence School, Falmouth

March 16:
"Poetry Reading: Imagination, Language and the Life of the Mind" - Jean Nordhaus, Washington D.C. area poet, teacher, author and editor - 7:30 PM, Lawrence School, Falmouth

March 30:
"Honeybee Democracy" (co-sponsored by the 300 Committee) - Dr. Thomas Seeley, biologist and author, Cornell University - 7:30 PM, Falmouth High School


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