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For Immediate Release: September 23, 2011
Andrea Early, MBL, (508) 289-7652; aearly@mbl.edu
Michael Stone, My Generation Energy, (508) 566-6322; michael@mygenerationenergy.com

MBL and My Generation Energy Celebrate Installation of Single Largest Solar Array in Falmouth


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MBL Solar Fact Sheet (PDF)


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ribbon cutting

From left to right: My Generation President Luke Hinkle, MBL President and Director Gary Borisy, Falmouth Chamber of Commerce President Jay Zavala, Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray, Representative Timothy Madden, and Representative David Vieira. Photo by Mark Zelinski. Full size

Gary Borisy

MBL President and Director Gary Borisy. Photo by Beth Armstrong. Full size

Luke Hinkle

My Generation Energy President Luke Hinkle. Photo by Beth Armstrong. Full size

Solar Array installation

Installation of the solar panels. Full size

Solar Array

The completed solar array. Photo by Beth Armstrong. Full size

WOODS HOLE, MA—The Marine Biological Laboratory and My Generation Energy held a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning celebrating the completion of the single largest solar installation in Falmouth. The event was held at the MBL’s property in Falmouth Technology Park (25 Bernard St. Jean Drive) and featured remarks by Gary Borisy, MBL President and Director, Luke Hinkle, President, My Generation Energy, and Jay Zavala, President of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce. Several elected officials also attended, including Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray, Representative Timothy Madden, and Representative David Vieira.

The MBL recently installed 510 solar panels on the roof of property. The panels will provide more than 46% of the building’s annual electricity use, including daytime needs for the MBL Research Greenhouse and for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s Observer Training Center, which leases office space at the site. The installation was performed by Dennis-based My Generation Energy, and created more than a dozen project-related construction and professional jobs.

The new solar array furthers the MBL’s continued sustainability initiatives including: leading environmental science research, an organization-wide recycling program, calculation of the institution’s carbon emissions, and the recent LEED Gold Certification of the Loeb Laboratory.

“The MBL takes seriously its role as a model for developing workable new strategies, systems, and behaviors that minimize our impact on the environment,” said MBL President and Director, Gary Borisy. “We are proud to be a part of this project and look forward to continued steps we can take here at the MBL to be a responsible member of the global society.”

“We are thrilled to work with the Marine Biological Laboratory to achieve the sustainability goals for their organization, said Luke Hinkle, president of My Generation Energy. “The employees of My Generation Energy and the member investors of Unutility Electric MMXC thank this significant institution for the opportunity to participate so integrally with their mission.”

“Massachusetts has always been a trailblazer for the rest of the nation, and we need to do the same when it comes to renewable sustainable energy,” said Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth). “It is clear that whichever nation leads the renewable energy revolution will have a major economic advantage in the 21st century. I commend the MBL for taking the lead in this critical arena and looking at energy production through a new lens.”

“It’s wonderful to live and work in a community that strives to maximize today’s sustainability imperatives at every turn,” said Falmouth Chamber of Commerce President, Jay Zavala. “In this age of dwindling resources and environmental conundrums, it's great to see this excellent example of responsible energy stewardship. Working together, toward a common goal, the MBL and My Generation Energy are certain to achieve optimum results.”


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My Generation Energy, installing solar energy solutions that fulfill the need for local, quiet, and clean energy.