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MBL Creates Portal for Online "Macroscope" to Explore Life's Mysteries
First 30,000 Encyclopedia of Life pages unveiled to acclaim of scientists, educators
EOL software infrastructure developed by MBL team

The first 30,000 pages of a massive online Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) were unveiled today as scientists assemble for the prestigious Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Conference in Monterey, California.

Intended as a tool for scientists and policymakers and a fascinating resource for anyone interested in the living world, the EOL is being developed by a unique collaboration between scientists and the general public... More>>>


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Cafeteria roenbergensis (page developed by David Patterson) The Australian Giant Cuttlefish (page by Roger Hanlon and Kendra Buresch) Wolbachia pipientis (page by Seth Bordenstein)

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David J. (Paddy) Patterson Cathy Norton
David J. (Paddy) Patterson
Biodiversity Informatics Leader

Cathy Norton, director, MBLWHOI Library and deputy director, Biodiversity Heritage Library consortium

Indra Neil Sarkar Gary G. Borisy
Indra Neil Sarkar, Project Director, Biology of Aging Across the Spectrum of Life

Gary G. Borisy, director and chief executive officer of the MBL and and member of the EOL Steering Committee and Distinguished Advisory Board

The EOL team
The EOL Biodiversity Informatics Group: front row, from left: Jennifer Schopf, David Patterson, Peter Mangiafico; middle row, from left: Jon Ferguson, Kristen Lans, Sarah Bordenstein, Pam Fournier; back row, from left: David Shorthouse, Patrick Leary, Alexey Shipunov


Video: EOL/TED 2008

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