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Keys to Marine Invertebrates of the Woods Hole Region

A manual for identification of the more common marine invertebrates, first published by the MBL's Systematics Ecology Program in 1964, compiled by Ralph T. Smith with the assistance of many contributors.

These Keys are presented both as a model for development of on-line dichotomous keys and as a call for qualified persons to update them. If you are interested in updating a section of the Keys, please contact James A. Blake at ENSR Marine Coastal Center, 89 Water Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543. Tel: (508) 457-7900 | E-mail: jblake@ensr.com

General Introduction
Table of Contents (.pdf / 192k)
Foreword (.pdf / 116k)
Editor's Preface (.pdf / 472k)
  1. PORIFERA (.pdf / 744k)
  2. CNIDARIA, Class Hydrozoa (.pdf / 1.6m)
  3. CNIDARIA, Class Scyphozoa (revised April 1999)
  4. CNIDARIA, Class Anthozoa (.pdf / 544k)
  5. CTENOPHORA (.pdf / 104k)
  6. PLATYHELMINTHES (.pdf / 1.2m)
  7. NEMERTEA (RHYCHOCOELA) (revised 2001)
  8. OTHER UNSEGMENTED WORMS (.pdf / 144k)
  9. ANNELIDA (.pdf / 3.6m)
  10. ARTHROPODA, Subphylum Chelicerata (.pdf / 416k)
  11. ARTHROPODA, Lower Crustacea and Cirripedia (.pdf / 792k)
  12. ARTHROPODA, Pericaridan Crustaceans (.pdf / 2m)
  13. ARTHROPODA, Decapod and Stomatopod Crustaceans (.pdf / 1m)
  14. MOLLUSCA, Introduction (.pdf / 2.5m)
  15. MOLLUSCA, Shell-less Opistobranchs (.pdf / 1.5m)
  16. ENTOPROCTA (.pdf / 368k)
  17. ECTOPROCTA (.pdf / 2.7m)
  18. ECHINODERMATA (.pdf / 384k)
  19. PROTOCHORDATES (.pdf / 752k)
Glossary (.pdf / 304k)
Index (.pdf / 956k)

Opinions and Declarations rendered by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.