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MBL Catalyst, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2007

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President & CEO: Gary G. Borisy
Editor-in-Chief: Pamela Clapp Hinkle
Guest Science Editor: Jerry Melillo
Editor/Writer: Andrea Early
Contributors: Gina Hebert, Christopher Neill, Diana Kenney, Thoru Pederson
Design: Beth Ready Liles
Art Direction: Lasater/Sumpter Design, Inc.

Supplemental Material

Photo Descriptions and Credits
Illustration Descriptions and Credits
News & Notes
Lessons from the Arctic
Forests to Fields
Balancing Act
MBL Moment
Environmental Crystal Ball
Scientist's Eye View

Photo Descriptions and Credits
  • Inside cover: (left) Toolik Field Station, Alaska by John Hobbie; (top) Pamela Clapp Hinkle at Toolik Field Station by Marc Airhart;
  • Table of Contents page: (top) Field work at Toolik Field Station by Jim Laundre, (right center) Brazilian stream by Christopher Neill, (left) Chuck Hopkinson and student by Kaitlyn Lucey;
  • p. 2: Toolik Field Station by John Hobbie;
  • p. 3: (top center) Toolik Field Station by John Hobbie, (top right) Toolik Field Station by Jonathan Benstead;
  • p. 5: Toolik Field Station by Lorna Street;
  • p. 6: Purple sea urchin by Charles Hollahan/Santa Barbara Marine Biologicals;
  • p. 7: (top) Squid by Russell Jacobs and Elaine Bearer, (bottom) Squid skin by Roger Hanlon;
  • p. 8: Chris Neill and colleague in Brazil by Linda Deegan;
  • p. 9: Chris Neill by Linda Deegan;
  • p. 10: Plum Island, Massachusetts by W. McDonald Lee;
  • p. 11: Chuck Hopkinson by W. McDonald Lee;
  • p. 12: Hugh Ducklow in Antarctica by Noelle Yochum;
  • p. 13: Penguins in Antarctica by Hugh Ducklow;
  • p. 14: (top) Scientists and microscopes by Jonathan Cherry, (left) Research at Toolik Field Station by W. McDonald Lee, (right) Thalassiosira by D. J. Patterson, MBL micro*scope (http://starcentral.mbl.edu/microscope/portal.php);
  • p. 15: Ed Rastetter by Tom Kleindinst;
  • p. 16: Jerry Melillo by Tom Kleindinst; Back cover: Pennate diatoms by D. J. Patterson, Linda Amaral-Zettler, and Virginia Edgcomb, MBL micro*scope (http://starcentral.mbl.edu/microscope/portal.php).


  • p. 4: PanArctic research sites by Andrew Balser; p. 6: Ergonomic backpack by Peggy Choi

News & Notes
Papers cited:

  • New Backpack Lightens the Load
    Rome, LC; Flynn, L, and Yoo, T. Biomechanics: Rubber bands reduce the cost of carrying loads. Nature 444 (2006): 1023-1024.

  • Sea Urchin Genome Uncovers Remarkable Connections to Humans
    Sea Urchin Genome Sequencing Consortium:
    Sodergreen, E; Weinstock, GM; Davidson, EH; Cameron, RA; Gibbs, RA; Angerer, RC; Angerer, LM; Arnone, MI; Burgess, DR; Burke, RD; Coffman, JA; Dean, M; Elphick, MR; Ettensohn, CA; Foltz, KR; Hamdoun, A; Hynes, RO; Klein, WH; Marzluff, W; McClay, DR; Morris, RL; Mushegian, A; Rast, JP; Smith, LC; Thorndyke, MC; Vacquier, VD; Wessel, GM; Wray, G; Zhang, L; Elsik, CG; Ermolaeva, O; Hlavina, W; Hoffman, G; Kitts, P; Landrum, MJ; Mackey, AJ; Maglott, D; Panopoulou, G; Poustka, AJ; Pruitt, K; Sapojnikov, V; Song, X; Souvorov, A; Solovyev, V; Wei, Z; Whittaker, CA; Worley, K; Durbin KJ; Shen, Y; Fedrigo, O; Garfield, D; Haygood, R; Primus, A; Satija, R; Severson, T; Gonzalez-Garey, ML; Jackson, AR; Milosavljevic, A; Tong, M; Killian, CE; Livingston, BT; Wilt, FH; Adams, N; Bellé, R; Carbonneau, S; Cheung, R; Cormier, P; Cosson, B; Croce, J; Fernandez-Guerra, A; Genevière, A; Goel, M; Kelkar, H; Morales, J; Mulner-Lorillon, O; Robertson, AJ; Goldstone, JV; Cole, B; Epel, D; Gold, B; Hahn, ME; Howard-Ashby, M; Scally, M; Stegeman, JJ; Allgood, EL; Cool, J; Judkins, KM; McCafferty, SS; Musante, AM; Obar, RA, Rawson, AP; Rossetti, BJ; Gibbons, IR; Hoffman, MP; Leone, A; Istrail, S; Materna, SC; Samanta, MP; Stolc, V; Tongprasit, W; Tu, Q; Bergeron, K; Brandhorst, BP; Whittle, J; Berney, K; Bottjer, DJ; Calestani, C; Peterson, K; Chow, E; Yuan, QA; Elhaik, E; Graur, D; Reese, JT; Bosdet, I; Heesun, S; Marra, MA; Schein, J.; Anderson, MK; Brockton, V.; Buckley, KM; Cohen, AH; Fugmann, SD; Hibino, T; Loza-Coll, M; Majeske, AJ; Messier, C; Nair, SV; Pancer, Z; Terwilliger, DP; Agca, C; Arboleda, E; Chen, N; Churcher, AM; Hallböök, F; Humphrey, GW; Idris, MM; Kiyama, T; Liang, S; Mellott, D; Mu,X; Murray, G; Olinski, RP; Raible, F; Rowe, M; Taylor, JS; Tessmar-Raible, K; Wang, D; Wilson, KH; Yaguchi, S; Gaasterland, T; Galindo, BE; Gunaratne, HJ; Juliano, C; Kinukawa, M; Moy, GW; Neill, AT; Nomura, M; Raisch, M; Reade, A; Roux, MM; Song, JL; Su, Y; Townley, IK; Voronina, E; Wong, JL; Amore, G; Branno, M; Brown, ER; Cavalieri, V; Duboc, V; Duloquin, L; Flytzanis, C; Gache, C; Lapraz, F; Lepage, T; Locascio, A; Martinez, P; Matassi, G; Matranga, V; Range, R; Rizzo, F; Röttinger, E; Beane, W; Bradham, C; Byrum, C; Glenn, T; Hussain, S; Manning, G; Miranda, E; Thomason, R; Walton, K; Wikramanayke, A; Wu, S; Xu, R; Brown, CT; Chen, L; Gray, RF; Lee, PY; Nam, J; Oliveri, P; Smith, J; Muzny, D; Bell, S; Chacko, J; Cree, A; Curry, S; Davis, C; Dinh, H; Dugan-Rocha, S; Fowler, J; Gill, R; Hamilton, C; Hernandez, J; Hines, S; Hume, J; Jackson, L; Jolivet, A; Kovar, C; Lee, S; Lewis, L; Miner, G; Morgan, M; Nazareth, LV; Okwuonu, G; Parker, D; Pu, L; Thorn, R; and Wright, R. The Genome of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Science 314 (2006): 941-952

  • There's No Scent Like Home
    Gerlach, G; Atema, J; Kingsford, M; Black, K; Miller-Sims, V. Smelling home can prevent dispersal of reef fish larvae. Proc Natl Acad Sci 104 (2007): 858-863

  • "Zip Code" Hitches Cargo to Motors for Transport in Neurons
    Satpute-Krishnan, P; DeGiorgis, JA; Conley, MP; Jang, M; and Bearer, EL.
    A peptide zipcode sufficient for anterograde transport within amyloid precursor protein.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci 103 (2006): 16532-16537

  • Squid Skin Reveals Hidden Messages
    Mäthger, LM and Hanlon, R. Anatomical basis for camouflaged polarized light communication in squid. Biology Letters 2 (2006): 494-496

Lessons from the Arctic

From Forests to Field

Balancing Act

MBL Moment

Environmental Crystal Ball

Scientist's Eye View


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