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MBL Catalyst, Volume 5, Number 2, Fall 2010, “Where Are They Now?”
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Supplemental Material

Catalyst, Fall 2010: Volume 5, Number 2References

Diamond in the Rough (pp. 4-5)

Diamond, Jared. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies. New York: WW. Norton, 1997.

News & Notes

A New Strategy for Polar Observation

Schofield, O, Ducklow, H.W., Martinson, D.G., Meredith, M.P., Moline, M.A., Fraser, W.R. (2010) How Do Polar Marine Ecosystems Respond to Rapid Climate Change? Science 328: 1520-1523. (PDF)

Regeneration Research Leaping Forward

Transition Metal Catalysts Could be Key to Origin of Life

Morowitz, H. J., Srinivasan, V., Smith, E. (2010) Ligand Field Theory and the Origin of Life as an Emergent Feature of the Periodic Table of Elements. Biol. Bull. 219: 1-6. (PDF)

A Future With or Without Trees

Galford, G.L., Melillo, J.L., Kicklighter, D.W., Cronin, T.W., Cerri, C.E.P., Mustard, J.F., and Cerri, C.C. (2010) Greenhouse gas emissions from alternative futures of deforestation and agricultural management in the southern Amazon. PNAS 107: 19649-19654. (PDF)

Rediscovery of the Nucleolinus

Alliegro, M. A., Henry, J. J., Alliegro, M. C. (2010) Rediscovery of the Nucleolinus, a Dynamic RNA-Rich Organelle Associated with the Nucleolus, Spindle, and Centrosomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107: 13718-13723. (PDF)

Cool Tool (p. 15)

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