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Falmouth Forum Series 2008-2009

Christopher Ricks

"Just Like a Man? John Donne, T.S. Eliot, Bob Dylan, and the Accusation of Misogyny "
Christopher Ricks, Professor of Humanities, Boston University and award-winning teacher and literary critic

January 30, 2009 - Lillie Auditorium, 7:30 PM
Lectures are free and open to the public.

Lecture Abstract:
Many a great artist has been accused of many a bigotry, and for these three men, one of the sharpest accusations has been of misogyny. Donne: "Hope not for mind in women". Eliot: "And female smells in shuttered rooms". Dylan (centralto this talk, and not just because he is a living genius): "Just like a woman".

Does the accusation stick? And anyway could there ever be any challenging art about men and women where the accusation just didn't arise?

Professor Christopher Ricks has a reputation as a lively and enthusiastic lecturer and in 1990 received the Metcalf Cup and Prize for Excellence in Teaching at Boston University (BU). He is the Warren Professor of the Humanities there and co-director of the Editorial Institute. He has taught at BU since 1986; prior to that he was the King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge.

Admission to this Falmouth Forum presentation is free and open to the public. A buffet dinner is available before the lecture at 6:00 p.m. in the Swope Center located near the auditorium. Dinner tickets are $25 and must be purchased in advance at either Eight Cousins Children’s Books, Main Street, Falmouth, or at the MBL’s Communications Office in the Candle House in Woods Hole. Dinner seats are limited and tickets are only available until they sell out or until 5:00 on the Tuesday before the lecture. For more information, contact the MBL Communications Office at: (508) 289-7423 or